Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist Appointments in San Antonio, TX

Your teeth do not wait until it is convenient to require care. That is why Dr. Robert Scott, DDS offers patients emergency dentist appointments in San Antonio, TX. You may need to have a root canal or wisdom tooth extraction done as soon as possible and can’t wait weeks for an appointment. Rely on our emergency dentist for prompt service.

Emergency Dentist Offers Relief for Your Teeth

No one can plan for a root canal emergency. When your tooth is aching and inflamed, call our office for treatment. Our staff will schedule an appointment for you with our affordable dentist so that you promptly receive relief, no matter what your dental emergency is.

Emergency Root Canal Requires Immediate Attention

Let Dr. Scott perform a root canal to save your tooth. You likely are suffering from severe pain, a high level of sensitivity, and red and swollen gums. You may even have an abscess. This constitutes a dental emergency, which requires treatment. Contact us today and our staff will make an appointment for you.

During a root canal, our dentist will numb the area and then drill a hole in the tooth to extract infected tooth pulp and the nerve. After the tooth is cleaned thoroughly, our dentist will seal it and fill it. A crown may be needed to protect the tooth.

Sedation Therapy for a Root Canal Emergency

Don’t put off root canal surgery because of your fear of the pain. Know that the pain you are experiencing while suffering from an abscessed tooth is far greater than that of the procedure that corrects it. If fear is preventing you from considering emergency surgery, then our dentist can provide you with sedation therapy so you have medicine that helps you to relax.

Emergency Tooth Extraction for Wisdom Teeth

When your third set of molars is coming in wrong, you may require emergency tooth extraction because there may not be room for your wisdom teeth or they may be covered with bone. Call our office for emergency wisdom tooth extraction treatment from our same-day emergency dentist. If we cannot fit you in that day, we will schedule you as soon as possible and in the meantime, offer advice to minimize your pain and suffering until you the tooth extractions you need.